"Oh.. it’s you. I’m waiting for your husband actually ;) I thought it would be nice to greet him in the shower when he comes home after a long day at work ;) Bet you didn’t expect to see me here, fatass! Hahaha..!  Oh my god, I can’t believe how fat you are, you’re even fatter naked! Such a pig, haha! He always tells me how I’m so much sexier than you, now I can really see why :)

Do you think he wants to shower with me or with you? ;) hahaha! Just look how perfect I am, you might as well give up. Come over here and soap me up, get me fresh and clean for your husband! :)

Hahah, I can’t believe you’re actually doing it, you fucking LOSER! Now that you’re done, get down on your knees and give my perfect ass some kisses, then get my pussy nice and wet for your husband ;) ahahaaha!!”